The Wild Geese hosted their second Social Soccer International veterans tournament - this year there were 16 teams from all over Europe. 

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Thursday May 29th 2008

Northsiders 4 Wild Geese FC 3 

The Wild Geese went three one behind but almost managed to pull it back at the end. Two goals, including a penalty, from AN Other and one from Francis Naughton.

A.Fleming, N.Joye, S.Connolly, AN-Other, D.Long, M.Tormey, K.Duffy, M.McAdam, F.Naughton, O.Tormey

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 19:28

Wild Geese Cycling 2013

Cycling in Ireland means that you have to be prepared for all kinds of conditions. 

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Fergus Fahey completed the Focus Ireland Triathlon, in Dun Laoighre, in aid of homeless people in Ireland.

The swim section was quite a challenge - approximately a kilometre which began and ended on Dun Laoighre pier. The swim was so long that Fergus did his weakest event, the 5km run, in a time which was faster than his swim.

For Focus Ireland see:

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Friday, 06 December 2013 14:34

Wild Geese Intersevens 2013

The Wild Geese have strengthened their squad this year and now have a formidable line-up. Player manager is John Goodwin and the captain is Malcolm Lane. 


Among the players who have featured have been:

  • Bastidas, Juan Luis 
  • Burke, Conor 
  • Barber, Luke 
  • Connolly, Marty
  • Cuddihy, karole
  • Curtin, Fergal
  • Doyle, Lee
  • Giacobbe, Nicola
  • Goodwin, John
  • Lane, Malcolm (Captain)
  • Moore, Gerard 
  • O'Ceallachain, Antoin 
  • O'Grady, Andrew
  • Schlepper-Connolly, Benedict
  • Shaw, Stephen
  • Shkaidy, Kyle
  • Tormey,Martin
  • Tormey, Oliver


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