Grand Fondo Strasubasio

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 19:28

Wild Geese Cycling 2013

Cycling in Ireland means that you have to be prepared for all kinds of conditions. 

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Saturday, 20 July 2013 19:01

London Dynamo 2013

Oliver Tormey and Pamela Aherne formed a two-'man' team take 200km and a night of sleep deprivation. Starting in London Fields, about 2500 cyclists made their way through the streets of London, into the suburbs, and Epping Forest and out into the countryside, and finally arriving in the little beach town of Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. The Wild Geese team started at 8.00pm in the evening and completed the journey twelve hours later. 

Here is a report about the 2013 Dunwich Dynamo in the Telegraph newspaper - which sums it up quite well:

The whole thing is gloriously without point and at times totally surreal, but there’s not much that can match it. Arriving at the beach just in time for sunrise, having ridden there from London, is totally worth the discomfort and lack of sleep. The sense of satisfaction is so strong that you forget for a moment that you still need to get home.






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Sunday, 09 June 2013 18:51

Velothon Berlin 2013

The Wild Geese had a three-man team in the the Velothon in Berlin. This cycling race attracts more than 13,000 participants and 250,000 spectators every year. They create a huge festival atmosphere and close many roads, including a motorway and also train lines in order to provide the most comprehensive 120 km route. The 60 kilometres route is ideal for amateur cyclists who want to experience Berlin by bike. The course is flatter with light climbs on the Havelchaussee and includes all sights to ensure a memorable experience. The 120 kilometres age-group course is primarily for ambitious cyclists. Along Teltow and Neubeeren it leads through Nudow, Gröben and Ludwigsfelde back to the Bundesstraße 101 towards Berlin. 

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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 02:36

Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trails

In Ballinastoe

The Wild Geese MTB team went training in the Wicklow mountains in preparation for the big event this week: AMULET 24hours MTB event in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Fergus Fahey in Ballinastoe Mountain Biking


We hired our Trek bikes at who for only ten euros delivered them to Ballinistoe, and also came to bring them away when we were finished. The bikes were 30 euros to hire for the day, were quite new and in excellent condition.

Mountain Biking in Ballinastoe, Wicklow


This is a review of Ballinstoe Mountain Bike Trail: This is an extract from that good site:

"Ballinastoe is a 14km trail and takes about 1.5 - 2hrs. The descents are gentle winding single track. The return loop uses both fire road and single track. If you are used to mountain biking you will have no problems here. The terrain is a combination of granite rock and hardcore, forest floor and boards. Speed is regulated by strategically placed rocks and switch backs along the way so it is a very safe trail. Recent harvesting along the route has resulted in some exposed tree stumps along the way. It would be advisable to have them ground down.

Each single trail section here has a slightly different flavour. Some sections are rocky with gentle uphill which interrupts your natural progression along the route. Other sections are sheltered forest paths which are relatively flat. Whilst one particular descent runs seamlessly along and includes some berms and gentle twisting single track. The bends along this stretch send you into a thoughtless trance. All you feel is the trail as your speed gradually increases and slows effortlessly.

The trail drains very well for the most part but there are patchy sections of mud at the top of the trail. The fastest stretch of downhill is becoming cut up in places and this is likely to have a negative effect on what is otherwise the most enjoyable section of the trail. In more recent times the trail has become more and more worn and is more heavy going and tiring to cycle as a result."


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Wild Geese make mark on international MTB stage

The Wild Geese made their debut in international mountain biking, with a credible performance at the Amulet 24hr marathon MTB event in Liberec-Vesec in the Czech Republic. This was the first time that trio Fergus Fahey, Andrew Fleming and Oliver Tormey had ever competed in mountain biking and it was a fine achievement even to complete the 24 hours of lapping the 12.5km circuit.

The Wild Geese team started with the handicap of having only three cyclists - despite having to compete in a four-person team competition. At midday June 12th 2010, Oliver Tormey was one of over 400 cyclists who started the race in Le Mans style.  Competitors (see video below) broke the tape and ran 500 metres before collecting their bikes. For the next twenty four hours they cycled, in sun and darkness, with the risk of sunburn and the risk of being drenched, navigating tracks made from tarmac, rocks, mud, grass, woodchips and dealing with inclines and declines of every degree.

Andrew Fleming about to start a night-time lap

Heavy rain, along with thunder and lightening, began at 8.00pm just as Fergus Fahey left the Wild Geese camp HQ, but he bravely put in another excellent lap which further fueled the high morale in the team. But it was the three shifts in the night time darkness of the forest that allowed the Wild Geese team to finish in a comfortable ranking among the 4-person teams. It was a tremendous debut performance from an inexperienced team.

For other photos see Liberec MTB gallery: 

Official Amulet Bicycles 24hr MTB race website:

Official results:


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