Saturday, 20 July 2013 19:01

Oliver Tormey and Pamela Aherne formed a two-'man' team take 200km and a night of sleep deprivation. Starting in London Fields, about 2500 cyclists made their way through the streets of London, into the suburbs, and Epping Forest and out into the countryside, and finally arriving in the little beach town of Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. The Wild Geese team started at 8.00pm in the evening and completed the journey twelve hours later. 

Here is a report about the 2013 Dunwich Dynamo in the Telegraph newspaper - which sums it up quite well:

The whole thing is gloriously without point and at times totally surreal, but there’s not much that can match it. Arriving at the beach just in time for sunrise, having ridden there from London, is totally worth the discomfort and lack of sleep. The sense of satisfaction is so strong that you forget for a moment that you still need to get home.






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