French Tour 2010

Thursday 26 August 2010

Six Fours Le Brusc FC 4 0 Wild Geese FC

The home side proved to be too strong for a hard working Geese team, who conceded three first half goals and struggled against a well organised defence. Six Fours opened the scoring after twenty minutes with a Jeremy Boreani free kick. Six Fours then scored three more without reply. The Geese had a few chances but the Six Fours keeper was always too agile or too quick of his line.

In the second half, the Geese worked hard but failed to make much of an impact. After the game the Six Fours captain lifted the Connolly Furniture Cup. 


Friday 27 August 2010

FC Pastis 0:6 Wild Geese FC

At the end of their long season, the Geese proved too strong for a rusty FC Pastis who have just started pre-season training. The Geese hit peak form, the whole squad clicked into full flow. The first half was closely fought, the only difference being a Paul Mc Dermott goal, but once the Geese got their second FC Pastis seem to lose their shape and conceded goals quickly. However their Manager Carol said afterwards:

"I was happy with the guys. This is our first game after the summer break and we just needed a start. The hard work starts now, and I will get my whip out"

 Mark Cullivan, the Geese coach was happy:

"This is our biggest ever win outside of Ireland, and this is a record which might still be standing when my grand kids are playing football - they might even be french speakers playing against the Geese. Indeed today the Geese played as if they were my grandkids - they appeciated my wisdom and followed every order. We were wonderful. Total football. If there were any French Club chairmen here today, they had to be impressed with that - now I'd never leave the Geese of course - I'd have no interest in the beaches, or those French women, or the Bandol red. Jamais!"

Goals: P.McDermott (1) O.Tormey (1) Javier Garcia (1) R. Marseilles (1) Niall Joye (1) K Duffy (1)

Saturday 28 August 2010

ES La Ciotat 4 : 1 Wild Geese FC

It was a deserved victory for La Ciotat; the Geese started playing with ten minutes to go. For most of the game, the two teams were quite balanced, but La Ciotat had more of an edge in attack. On a sunshine beautiful evening, the home team almost took an early lead when they stuck the crossbar with a ferocious free-kick. The opening came soon after when La Ciotat managed to break into the Geese penalty area and convert this opportunity.

La Ciotat scored three more without reply. The Geese threw everything into attack and finally got a goal when Lenny McCarthy became the only Geese player to have scored on all three Geese French tours.

The game was played in a friendly spirit - the Referee even felt safe enough to officiate the game in his bare-feet. Also of note was the save by Malcolm Lane - which several witnesses considered as good as that by Gordon Banks against Pele in 1974. Lane said afterwards:

"I hit the ground so hard, that I actually went into the ground."

After the game La Ciotat captain Gwenahel Reveau lifted the Stan Memorial Cup. The Geese vowed to return in 2011 to try an win it back.

Goal: L.McCarthy (1)

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