French Tour 2009

Friday Aug 14th 2009

Olympic Nice 2:7 Wild Geese FC

Captain Francis Naughton lifted the Connolly Furniture Cup and the Wild Geese lifted their first ever trophy, as they defeated Olympic Nice 7-2 to become the also first club from the Ireland to lift the Connolly Furniture Cup.Paraic Joyce opened the scoring early in the first half. Ivorian Serge Dadie added another and then Joyce made in 3-0. Olympic's Karim pulled one back before half time.

Frantic defence from Olympic
"You must understand that we haven't always been competitive," said manager Gerry Boylan.
"We went through a period where we rarely won, and there is no question this team has had its share of hardship. But because of that, the Connolly Furniture Cup means so much to the club--more than words can say.
"We were not out to win the Cup from the very beginning. We don't have the facilities like the big clubs, and our history is not long. But what we do have are the players to win titles.
"I simply helped the players to get the most out of their potential--and this is how we have won this title."
Five minutes after the break, Duffy made it 4-1, and while Olympic had always looked threatening, their heads now dropped. Dadie, Steven Connolly and Lenny McCarthy added the last three goals.
GOALS: Joyce 2, Dadie 2, Duffy 1, Connolly 1, McCarthy 1,
GEESE: Lane, McAdam, Negri, Loughran, Naughton, Murray, Goodwin, O.Tormey, Duffy, M.Tormey, Joyce, McCarthy, Dadie, O'Keeffe, Connolly
REFEREE: A Harrison (Perugia)

Saturday Aug 15th 2009

FC Pastis d'Aubagne 3:5 Wild Geese

Late goals by Malcolm Lane and Lenny McCarthy gave the Wild Geese a deserved McCarthy Cup final victory over rivals FC Pastis in Aubagne.

FC Pastis pushed them all the way. However, this was a day for the Geese and Gerry Boylan, the manager who continues to deliver success despite the reservations of a section of his club's fans. "All victories like this do for a manager is give you a couple of days of leeway," he insisted. This was a tactical victory for him despite his assertions to the contrary.
A five-minute burst from the Geese brought the opening half to life. Dadie Serge was forced to go off temporarily and his replacement John O'Keeffe made a dramatic impact. A long ball into the penalty area. It seemed impossible, and yet somehow O'Keeffe produce a moment of resourceful brilliance to lob the ball past the confused keeper.

FC Pastis scored a controversial equaliser, when a long ball arrived with the Aubagne striker who appeared to be a long way off-side. Not only were the Geese disgruntled. The linesman, who called the off-side, hung up his flag and retired from the game.
It was level at half time, but a Dadie Serge goal appeared to give the Geese some room to breathe. FC Pastis showed they were no push overs and equalised, after another long ball to their brilliant lanky striker. Serge scored again, but once again Pastis equalised through a penalty after a hand-ball.
Pastis seemed unskakeable. A draw seemed inevitable.
But then it happened. The man who collapsed on the same ground twelve months previously, capped a surprising comeback with a goal of great conviction. The ever bustling Malcolm Lane took the challenge to the Pastis defence, and powerfully ran past several defenders before slotting home. It was a goal of great innovation and undoubted passion.
Lenny McCarthy clinically wrapped it up in the final minute with the fifth goal.
Winning their second title in two days, Gerry Boylan said he was proud of his team: "They showed they are winners. A lot of hard work went into that win. But thats what it takes. A faint heart never won a fair lady" Just before Francis Naughton lifted the McCarthy Cup, Boylan added: "This is not just about the team who played today. Its about the whole squad. Anyone of them could have played today and we still would have won. The Wild Geese are a great club."
GOALS: Dadie 2, O'Keeffe 1, Lane 1, McCarthy 1,
GEESE: Lane, McAdam, Loughran, Naughton, Murray, Goodwin, Fleming, Duffy, M.Tormey, Joyce, McCarthy, Dadie, O'Keeffe