French Tour 2008

This was the first tour in 2008. The Geese played two games, drawing one and winning the other, but it was a massive learning experience. 

August 21st 2008 19:30

FC Pastis d'Aubagne Vs Wild Geese FC

The Wild Geese travelled to Côte d’Azur and opened their tour against FC Pastis d'Aubagne. They competed for the Lenny McCarthy Cup. The game ended 2-2, and the home team won the cup. The home team led by Carole treated the Geese to tremendous hospitality

August 24th 2008 19:30

Union Sportive Cadierenne Vs Wild Geese FC

The Wild Geese travelled the short distance to La Cadière d'Azur for their second game and they competed for the Tormey Cup. The game resulted in a disappointing performance for the Wild Geese and they lost by four goals. After the game US Cadierenne provided refreshments in their club house.